Author page of Power Spar OnlineHello there, welcome to my website.

  • If you are here, there can only be one main reason behind it. You want to know more about eco friendly solutions for your electricity needs. I am Shawn, who loves my environment and strive to preserve the natural resources as much as possible.
  • Apart from doing a lot of DIY eco friendly projects, am a big fan of using solar energy as well. I have always been fascinated with the way the sun never loses its energy or continues to provide us with unlimited energy.

This has always fascinated me since I was a kid, hence my venture into solar panels and solar powered generators.

Why Solar Energy?

Have you ever wondered why people like me are promoting solar energy? It is simply because it is available in abundance for free. You don’t have to dig, burn or process anything to get electricity out of it. Solar energy has always been used in some way or the other.


  • Earlier, our ancestors used solar energy to dry things. Clothes were always left out to dry in the sun but now we have the drier which dries our clothes in no time. What is required for this drier? Electricity!
  • Similarly when you are out camping, you must have been used to sitting out in the sun and enjoying the nature to its best. But on the flip side, you must have missed your gadgets and other things that require batteries to be charged.

Now, a trip without your gadgets is enough to discourage you from stepping outdoors again. Instead of letting such a small issue keep you indoors, use the sun and its abundance energy to enjoy nature to its fullest.

Why Solar Panels?

Many people have asked me why I prefer solar panels to the regular electricity. I use solar panels not only on my truck or on my camping trips, I use it home too. Solar panels are what power the regularly used appliances at home. I use these panels to light my house too.

  • If you see my house roof, you will see lines of panels absorbing all the heat and converting them into energy for us to be used.
  • Since I enjoy free source of electricity and also an uninterrupted supply, I am keen on sharing this knowledge with others too. That is precisely why I have so many reviews of various solar panels and generators on my site.


  • Today, with the popularity of solar energy growing, many manufacturers are venturing into this field. You can find a number of solar panels promising to deliver a number of things.  Unless you have an honest review that shed light into both the advantages and disadvantages about a product, you cannot decide if it is the perfect buy.

With the reviews I have here, you can not only select the perfect solar panel or generator for you, but you can know a lot about other such products in the market too. Spread the word and encourage one and all to use solar energy and save the natural resources.