Goal Zero Yeti 1250 XX-Large Review | Power to back up your life – 2020

Undisrupted electricity is something all of us need.

It is a basic necessity in today’s machine and gadgets dependent life.

When you have constant power disruptions, be it due to bad weather, or any other reason, life becomes very chaotic.

You will either have to schedule your electricity dependent works when you have power supply or change over to manual machines, which can be tiresome to work with. Who wants to go back in time when we have such advanced technology?

So, what is the solution? Solar generators!

Solar energy given so freely by the sun is taken for granted and we don’t realise how many ways it can be used in. We are just realising the benefits of using solar energy and thus the increased usage of solar panels and generators.

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Why A Solar Generator?

A solar generator does not harm the environment and burn the natural resources like your other generators. It gets recharged very easily and you can enjoy unlimited amount of electricity, free of cost. You don’t have to keep track of the fuel level in your generator and run to the store to refuel the generator. It all happens right where you leave your generator.

A solar generator is also very safe as there are no inflammable gases or fuel used. There is no risk of any untoward accidents happening due to a leak or damage. Unlike the preconceived notion, a solar generator has panels that can store the sun’s energy and use it at a later stage. It is not a necessity for the sun to be shining bright, for your generator to work properly.

Goal Zero 31901 Yeti 1250 Silver/ Black XX-Large Solar Generator

Now, this is a new age solar generator that is very convenient and eco friendly. Whether you want uninterrupted power supply or a backup power source in a bad weather, this solar generator is here to ensure you have it. Unlike the gasoline and coal fuelled generators, this machine is noise free and pollution free.

A perfect solar generator for homes, it can also be used on your truck when you are on the move or even on that camping trip you have been planning for a long time now.

If you have been postponing your tryst with nature on account of lack of electricity, as it will eventually drain your smartphone and other gadgets of battery, and make it a nightmare for you, worry no more. The Goal Zero Yeti 1250 is here to ensure electricity is not your worry anymore.

Best Features

Noise Free – Anytime a generator is switched on, it fills the surrounding area with noise. You don’t have worry about your neighbours complaining of noise with this noise free generator. Its silent operation enables it to be used even in close quarters, like in trucks when you are camping very close to another group.

Pollution Free – Unlike gasoline generators, this solar generator is eco-friendly by not only using the sun’s energy but by also not giving out any fumes. You don’t have to keep a safe distance from this generator on account of harmful fumes or a strong smell.

Portable – The Goal Zero Yeti 1250, is compact and easy to carry around. The name Yeti only correlates with the performance and not the physical size of the generator. It can be easily moved around on the cart. Keep it inside when not in use and bring it out when the sun is up and shining bright, so that it can be charged.

Charge Different Devices – This generator can charge a number of devices like your phone, camera or even your refrigerator. When you are stuck at home with no power supply or are on the move, you are bound to use various devices with different power requirements and this generator takes care of that.

Quick Charge – Just because it is a generator, does not mean it will take you more time to charge your device. This generator supplies enough power to charge your devices in the same amount of time it would take to charge it from your regular power outlets.

[PDF]User Manual Download – Goal Zero

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Negative Points

Can’t Use To The Limit – A solar generator is not cheap. When you invest so much, you definitely want it to last as long as possible. For this generator or any solar generator to last long, manufacturers recommend to not drain the battery beyond 50% of charge. This ideally cuts down the usability by 50% as you cannot use the full battery.

Heavy – This generator is heavy and cannot be moved easily unless you have some help from the trolley/cart.

Insufficient Manual – The manual that comes with the generator does not tell you much. You will have to do your own research to understand more about how a solar generator works and what you should and should not do with them. The book gives only the basic information.

Advantages Over Competition

Three Way Powering – This generator can power your devices and gadgets in three different ways. You can either use your USB cables and charge your gadgets or plug them in to the AC adapter like you would do on the wall. You can also use the 12 volts option to charge all your 12 volt devices. With this variability, all your electrical needs can be met by a single generator.

Does Not Take Much Time – Unlike other generators that take more time to charge your devices, this generator takes the same amount of time as required to charge the devices on your regular wall sockets. When the time consumed is less, your devices are recharged easily.

Wire free – This generator has absolutely no wires coming out or going in. There is no hazard due to wires hanging out.

Three Way Charging – The solar generator can be used even when there is not enough sunlight as it can be recharged by other means too. You can connect it to your car’s 12V adapter and charge or even plug it into your wall AC adapter and recharge the generator. This ensures you have a generator in all seasons and at all the time.


A solar powered generator can be very handy and eco friendly. There are many companies offering these generators and you can pick and choose based on need. You can become eco friendly and save a lot of the natural resources and your hard earned money by opting for a solar generator.

  • Though you can find many solar generators for sale, you can also go the DIY way and learn how to build a solar generator on your own and use it at home.
  • There are many tutorials online and you can find the required materials very easily too. If you are in a place where the sun shines with all its glory, it is high time you make use of it. Get the required things together or invest in reputed in the best solar generator and watch our electricity bills go down.

It is never too late to become eco friendly and do your part in saving the natural resources. Along with being a pro nature person, you can also be wise in spending your hard earned money. Why waste your money on electricity when you can get it for free, anytime??

Goal Zero Yeti 1250