Vmaxtanks Deep Cycle 125ah Review | Exactly what I needed for cabin – 2020 Review

If there is a battery that is considered to be safe for indoor use and is well known for its reliability, it is the Vmaxtanks Deep Cycle 125ah battery.

This is one of the best solar batteries that is on the top of the list of best solar batteries.

Before starting to review the battery, it is important two important factors – Need for a solar battery and Purpose of a Deep Cycle Battery.

The energy that is received from the sun is infinite and will never run out. A Solar power battery helps in storing this energy during the day.

Solar Batteries ensure that they give a steady supply of energy (which they have stored during the day) so that the required appliances run continuously even during the night.

Deep Cycle batteries are designed to produce / supply current for longer periods of time. These kind of batteries are usually used for marine use, to store solar power, traffic signals and recreational vehicles where a steady amount of current is required over a long period of time.

Vmaxtanks Deep Cycle 125ah is one such solar deep cycle battery that is required to power a cabin with the right amount of power that it has stored. Unlike other batteries, it does not need much maintenance or adjustment. One can test it right away as it comes with 50% charge.

Best Features

The Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr125 AGM Deep Cycle 12v has a high performance and a phenomenal life span. This is due to the fact that it is not only a solar power battery, but also has a deep cycle protection. All the Vmaxtanks are best in terms of the features they provide. Let us now look into some of its best features now.

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Life Span:

The average lifespan of this battery is 10 years. But it should be noted that if the battery is charged and maintained according to the lifespan, then the ideal lifespan can be achieved. If not, it will only hinder with its performance.

Custom-Made Plates:

The battery is constructed using heavy duty alloys and good quality material which helps in increasing its performance and shelf life.


The design of the battery is solid enough to withstand even extreme weather conditions.

AGM Electrolyte Suspension System:

The AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) used in the electrolyte suspension system helps in totally absorbing and containing the electrolyte. Silica Gel or other substances are not used.

Maintenance Free Operation:

As with all AGM Vmaxtanks batteries, there is no need to add water to check its specific gravity during the float service life.

Extremely Low Self Discharge Rate:

The Self discharge rate of the battery is 1-2% of rated capacity per month at room temperature.

Sealed Construction:

The construction and sealing techniques used in this battery ensures its leak proof operation in any position. These batteries are non-spill able and non-hazardous batteries and thus, approved for Surface, Air and maritime transport.

Ultra-Low Resistance:

This feature makes the battery 99% efficient.

High Power Density:

The power density of the battery is enhanced to a significant level due to the special assembly technology.

Though this solar panel battery price is at a slightly higher end, it is worth the money spent. The Vmaxtanks Deep cycle battery is really good for a day’s activity. With these batteries, it is possible to operate multiple electrical appliances without the fear of losing power suddenly.

Negative Points

There is no doubt that the battery is one of the best deep cycle batteries available in the market. It has very good quality and durability. But there are certain things to be noted while purchasing the battery.

The points discussed below cannot be taken directly as negative points, but ignoring the below points would lead to the decrease in performance of these batteries.


The lifespan of the battery is high and is expected to be around 10 years. But if the battery is used below the recommended voltage, then it would certainly reduce its life span. Hence, in order to sustain a longer life, try not to drop the voltage below 80 percent.


The battery requires certain kind of maintenance. If not, it would give rise to problems.

Battery Charge:

If proper battery charger is not used as specified in the sales page, then the lifespan of the battery would reduce. Usually, the best charger used for charging the battery is a 14.5 constant voltage three-stage AGM charger.


Storage is an important aspect when it comes to this battery. As the battery is sensitive to moisture, it should be stored in a place away from moisture. The storage place must be dry, clean and the storage temperature should be in the range of 10 degree Fahrenheit – 104 degree Fahrenheit.

Also, before storing the battery, it should be fully charged. Even if it is a long term storage, the battery should be charged once in a couple of months.


Venting is necessary for this battery in order to prevent the build-up of explosive gas.

Advantage Over Competition

Though there are many AGM batteries in the market, their capabilities and durability is restricted to at least some extent. But the features offered by the VMaxtanks Deep Cycle 125ah battery is extremely good and makes it one of the best batteries in this segment. Here are few important features that makes it stand on the top.

Electrolyte Suspension system:

Unlike many batteries that use silica gels in their suspension system, this battery consists of AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) for totally absorbing the electrolyte.


This is one battery which has both the solar support and deep cycle protection. The life time of the battery is 10 years on an average which is much higher than the other AGM batteries.

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Reserve Capacity:

For a AGM battery meant for solar use, the reserve capacity of around 260 minutes is quite impressive.

Low Self Discharge:

The self-discharge rate is around 1-2% of the rated capacity per month at room temperature which is very low compared to the other batteries. The rated capacity per month for other AGM batteries is 2-3% whereas for Lead Acid batteries, it is 15-20%.

Ultra-Low Resistance:

While the efficiency of the other GEL and AGM batteries stands at 97% and for Lead Acid batteries, it stands at 85-95%, the Ultra-Low resistance make this battery 99% efficient.

In addition to all the above, this battery does not produce any harmful gas or fumes making it the safest battery. Also, because of this, it is safe to use it indoors.


The Vmaxtanks Deep Cycle 125AH battery is quite impressive even from the first look. In addition to holding solar power, it also has an impressive lifespan. The design of this battery is specifically suited for power inverters, solar applications, smart chargers and wind turbines.

Even if there is a need for solar batteries for outdoor lights, this battery could take care of it because of its ability to support multiple appliances at the same time. It also has the technology that ensures an excellent performance inn trolling heavy vehicles.

So, if there are these solar batteries for sale, then buying this genuine battery would be the decision you will never regret. In spite of the money spent on this battery, with proper maintenance and storage, this battery would serve its purpose well.

Vmaxtanks Deep Cycle 125ah