ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable Battery Review – 2020 Review

20 A lead acid battery is used for multiple purposes.

They are popularly used for Home security / alarm systems, uninterrupted power supply, emergency systems, solar collectors, electric scooters; medical devices, etc.

There are many lead acid batteries available in the market.

Choosing the best RV deep cycle battery can be quite a daunting task. Here is a review of ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable Battery which will help you assess if it suits your needs best.

Best features

ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable Battery is a popular name in the lead acid battery segment, it is one of the most reviewed batteries in the market.The battery comes with a 12 Volt and 18 Amp rechargeable battery, which is quite powerful amongst its peers. Some of the most popular features of ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable Battery are listed below –

  • With a Product dimension of 7.1 x 3 x 6.6 inches, the overall weight of the unit stands at 12 pounds
  • It uses the patented grid alloy formula
  • This not a foldable model, it has an amperage of 18 A and voltage of 12 V
  • Battery is valve regulated, hence, maintenance free
  • It operates on a wide temperature range, uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology
  • AGM technology enables acid inside the battery mould to be absorbed between the plates, it is immobilised by the thin fiberglass mat. This makes the battery spill-proof
  • Completely sealed, low self-discharge technology has been adopted in the design
  • Setup is quite easy and the battery is durable
  • Designed for easy and safe operation
  • Built ruggedly with non-conductive ABS plastic – this is highly resistant to heat
  • It offers superior charging and re-charging capabilities
  • At 100% DOD it offers 260 cycles use
  • Offers 3-5 years’ floating and standby use

Warranty – The product offers a 90 day money back guarantee, for all products which are defective when received by the customer. If the return is not for quality of the product, then the customer has to pay for the shipping charges. He can still return the product citing other issues.

For other quality related issues there is a 1 year warranty. After the 90 day period, the customer will be eligible for replacement of defective part. All shipping labels provided should be used within 20 days of purchase. For overseas quality related complaints logged, the company will take care of the refund or replacement; however, the customer will be required to bear the shipping costs.

Negatives of the product

The battery has very few negatives; some of the key negatives are –

  • They have to be checked often for distilled water refills
  • Continuous charging could heat up the system and the efficiency could drop over time
  • Charging of the unit happens over long periods
  • Regular checks for electrolytes has to be conducted
  • They contain corrosive acid, it has to be placed away from children

Suitability analysis

Deep cycle RV battery for solar panels – This is one of the best deep cycle Rv battery available in the market. These types of batteries are key components in solar energy systems. They require storage of energy, ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable Battery is suitable for this purpose.

Despite being compact, the battery is quite powerful and efficient. In the solar grid when the source of power is down or when the power from photovoltaic system is not being produced, ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable Battery comes in handy for continued power supply. The performance of the battery is stable and reliable over the long run.

RV house batteries

RV house batteries are uniquely designed, they are different from the RV batteries used for starting cars and automobiles. RV house batteries are designed to provide short bursts of power (amps) over long periods of time. Typically, they support 12 Volt needs such as lighting, pump etc. The ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable Battery is specifically designed to work as inverters in houses.

To extend the life of the battery, before recharging the battery every-time, you need to tweak the discharge of the battery down to 50%. Also, using the battery while it is undercharged or overcharged can cause stress on the battery and it could wear out quickly.

Travel trailer battery

For a travel trailer, there has to be a deep cycle RV battery to light the interiors and power the kitchen appliances if you intend to cook while on the road. Deep cycle batteries are built to endure tougher situations, they are meant to last longer.

Compared to starter batteries, they can continue to provide the stipulated bursts of energy over 100s of cycles. A starter battery tends to wear out after 20 – 30 deep discharges. The physical build of deep cycle RV batteries are different from that of automobile or starter batteries. There are fewer plates in a rv deep-cycle battery, which are thicker.

They hold more lead – oxide on the plates which reacts with sulphuric acid of the electrolyte. The lead oxide mix is of higher density. This enables these batteries to last longer.

Interstate RV battery

Interstate RV battery is used for equipment used on water sports such as water skiing, boating, surfing etc, they are also called marine batteries, and they are typically built to provide premium power to speed through the waves. Deep cycle RV batteries may not be best suited for this purposes.

The automobile RV batteries which provide bursts of electrical energy will be appropriate. They are not built to last long, they are designed to cater to provide high volts of energy over short spans of time.

There are host of RV deep cycle battery which claim to be the best in the market. You need to assess the features and compare them and choose the one that best suits your need.

Advantages over competition

ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable uses the latest AGM technology which elongates its life and enables a spill free design. This battery is low maintenance, since it is valve regulated. Many other deep cycle RV batteries need to be constantly checked for distilled water levels and electrolyte.

The frequency of checks in the case of ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable battery is lower; there is an indication if the water level falls below required levels.

The design is rugged which ensures durability. It is built for rough conditions and for longer durability. It is specifically designed to support all electric activities that require up to 12 volts; hence it could suit solar panel powering, house, travel trailer powering.

The battery is lightweight and compact, it is highly mobile. The body is made of non-conducive ABS plastic, which resists high temperatures. The battery operates over a wide range of temperature. This is due to the AGM technology that is used by these batteries.


Clearly, ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable battery is one among the best RV deep cycle batteries available in the market. It is specifically designed to cater to certain roles such as house electricity backup, travel trailer electricity provider, solar energy panel backup.

They support all types of electric equipment which need up to 12 volts energy. They may not be the best option for automobiles, marine equipment. The design is spill proof; they use the best quality of materials.

ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable battery is the most widely reviewed product in the deep cycle RV battery category. ExpertPower is a well-known brand in the battery industry.

ExpertPower 18Ah Rechargeable Battery